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Magnesium Studied in Metabolic and Inflammatory Pathways

Posted on August 31, 2012 at 6:36 PM
Magnesium Studied in Metabolic and Inflammatory Pathways

A recently published clinical trial evaluated the effect of magnesium on gene expression and protein production in metabolic and inflammatory pathways. Previous studies indicate that magnesium is favorably associated with reduced risk of metabolic outcomes.In this new study, 14 healthy overweight subjects were supplemented with magnesium (500 mg elemental magnesium per day) or a placebo for 4 weeks, followed by 4 weeks of no supplementation. The subjects then received the opposite treatment regimen for an additional 4 weeks. Blood and urine samples were collected from the subjects.The results of the study revealed that compared to the subjects receiving the placebo, the subjects supplemented with magnesium showed significantly decreased levels of C-peptide, which is a protein used to evaluate insulin production. In addition, magnesium supplementation resulted in decreased fasting insulin concentrations compared to placebo. Magnesium supplementation also affected gene expression resulting in the up-regulation of 24 genes and down-regulation of 36 genes, including genes related to metabolic and inflammatory pathways. Magnesium supplementation also was found to modulate the expression of numerous proteins and peptides based on urine analysis.The researchers stated, “Magnesium supplementation for 4 weeks in overweight individuals led to distinct changes in gene expression and proteomic profiling consistent with favorable effects on several metabolic pathways.”
This article was published on Tuesday May 08, 2012.

Categories: Inflammation and Supplementation

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