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Spectrum Recovery

Detox and Immune System Support

"Focus Ahead"

This highly specialized assessment seeks to find the root cause of what is causing difficulty for an individual in the areas of focus/concentration/learning, sleep, mood, socializing/getting along with others. From there an 8 wk. protocol is developed including natural remedies, such as vitamins, supplements, sensory diets, and lifestyle recommendations,

Price: $225..00

"Focus Ahead"

30 min. Virtual Consultation

Enjoy a phone consultation from the comfort of your home while you review your report that you receive by e-mail.

Price: $50.00

30 min. Virtual Consultation

Comprehensive Overall Detox Assessment

Done in conjunction with a naturopath who specializes in detox protocols, this assessment using technology can help the client learn about how well their body detoxifies as well as breaks down and assimilates various foods, supplements and other nutrients.

Price: $285.00

Comprehensive Overall Detox Assessment

Specialized Brain Assessment

Utilizing the expertise of a Master's level practitioner, a client is assessed on up to 220 bio-markers in the brain. This in turn results in a highly individualized protocol, specifically geared toward sleep disturbances, headaches, focus, mood, and/or hormonal issues.

Price: $330.00

Specialized Brain Assessment

Electro-Lymphatic Therapy

This amazing detox modality removes toxins from the body and helps to bring the body back into balance using the Lymph Drainage XP.

Price: $135.00 Initial Lymphstic Appointment with Intake Form $145

Electro-Lymphatic Therapy